Olive Oil Helps Ease Toothache

Published:October 10th, 2011


You can use olive oil helps ease toothache. Everyone knows that olive oil is one of the healthiest kind of oil. It has a lot of nutritional benefits and apparently it also has dental benefits including helping ease toothaches.

Every simple home recipe would turn into a culinary masterpiece with just a few touch of olive oil; even a dry chicken would look as moist with few drops of it. However, olive oil is good not only for your palate. There are lots of researches claiming that this food wonder is also good for your heart, skin, hair, colon, and astonishingly, olive oil helps ease toothache and gum problems too.

Does one of your teeth bothering you constantly? Can’t concentrate on work, can’t eat your favourite foods and can’t have sufficient sleep? Want a solution but afraid to go to the dentist? The answer is just within your kitchen cabinet. Olive oil helps ease toothache

Grab an olive oil, clove oil and cotton ball. One drop of clove oil should be mixed into three drops of olive oil. If there’s no clove oil available you can blend two teaspoons of white cloves instead, and then mix the powder to one teaspoon of olive oil. Pat the cotton ball into the mixture then apply it on the affected tooth. Leave it as long as the pain subsides. Then rinse your mouth with water afterwards, remember not to swallow for it can cause a burning sensation on your throat. That’s how easy it is. Olive oil helps ease toothache

Clove oil has several health benefits such as antimicrobial, antifungal, antiseptic, and antiviral. It is proven to relieve toothache and can also be applied to cavity of a decaying tooth. However due to its chemical ingredients it should be taken with precautions most especially to pregnancy, children and individuals with allergic reactions.

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