Olive Oil Can Make Gums Healthier

Published:October 13th, 2011

Olive oil can make gums healthier. Couple of days ago, we wrote about how it can ease toothache. It can also make your gums healthier.

Olive Oil Can Make Gums Healthier: How To Spot a Problematic Gum

After brushing your teeth, inspect your gums in the mirror. Check if it’s too puffy, swollen and bleeding. Observe the odor of your breath for halitosis (medical term for bad breath). Those are the signs and symptoms of gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), and gingivitis is a solemn problem. If not taken seriously all of your teeth will be lost.

Olive Oil Can Make Gums Healthier: What Cause Gum Inflammation

The number one cause of gingivitis is poor hygiene. Inflammation of the gums is caused by plaques turned tartars which cannot be removed by simple brushing three times a day and after eating that are high inducers of cavities and tartars. These tartars contain thousands of microorganisms that destroy gum tissues and teeth.

Right after noticing these signs and symptoms you can start the fight against gingivitis immediately. Go to your dentist for teeth cleaning (tartars can only be removed by a dental scaler), then maintain a good oral hygiene such as brushing your teeth at least 3 times a day and regular flossing.

Olive Oil Can Make Gums Healthier: How To Use Olive Oil To Keep Your Gum Healthy

You can also rinse your mouth with a mixture of olive oil and water to relieve those swelling gums and prevents plaque formation that leads to tartar eventually.

It is a good thing to know that an olive oil which we used a lot in the kitchen can also be a remedy for toothache and gum problems. However, let us all remind ourselves that prevention is always better than cure. And with a simple regular brushing and flossing we can prevent these discomforts from ever hassling you. Olive oil can make gums healthier so store some.

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