Eco Friendly Toothpaste

Published:August 29th, 2011

If you really want to use an eco friendly toothpaste, make one in your home. You will not have to use non-biodegradable packaging that harms the Earth. You will not use oil to run your machines or use other harmful ingredients.


How To Make An Eco Friendly Toothpaste

First you will need sodium bicarbonate, salt, water, glycerine, and, if you want the fresh feeling, peppermint oil.

Just mix three parts sodium bicarbonate, more commonly known as baking soda, with one part table salt (sodium chloride). Add three teaspoons of glycerine for every 1/4 cup of dry mixture and water until you achieve the thickness of the paste that you want. If you want that fresh feeling, add peppermint oil.

That is it. you have a toothpaste.


Commercial Eco Friendly Tootpaste


Toms of Maine is perhaps the most popular eco friendly toothpaste. It is the first eco friendly tootpaste to be recognized by the American Dental Association. First things first, it is partly owned by Colgate Palmolive. So if you oppose Colgate Palmolive as a company, this is not the brand for you. However, it is worth noting that Tom of Maine’s operation is completely separate. In fact, they take pride in being eco friendly from top to bottom, inside and out.

Their tubes, for example, are 100% aluminium and not plastic. These make it recyclable and recycling is what they practice as a company. They also spread the information around by devoting a portion on their website where anyone can search whether a certain packaging is recyclable or not. They also don’t practice animal testing.

The ingredients also contain no artificial colorants, perfumes, flavors or preservatives. You can also choose between getting one that has SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and one that has not. SLS has Sulphuric acid. It is the same ingredients used in shampoo or soaps and other items that are expected to foam up when we use them.

There are more eco friendly toothpastes entering the market. Just remember to research about each before purchasing.


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