New Technology May Regrow Permanent Teeth

Published:September 29th, 2011

A team from Tokyo University is making some headway in developing a process that would allow the regrowing of teeth. The project is headed by associate professor Takashi Tsuji. The initial experiment involved regrowing a tooth using the cells of mouse embryos. A tooth was transferred to a mouse and the tooth continued to grow.

Mice shares a lot of common characteristics with human when it comes to dental construction. Both are made of two major cells: epithelial and mesenchymal. The former forms the outer enamel and the former is responsible for the tooth inner’s construction.

Takashi’s team separated the cells from different embryos of the mouse and then grew them to a collagen gel culture. The cells reacted and produced a tooth bud. That bud was taken out and used it in the liver of the mouse. It resulted to a heightened blood supply which helped in growing the tooth. The team, then, put the tooth into an empty space within the mouse’s dental structure.

It is yet to be tried on humans but this kind of research is a big leap.

Image and News Source: Technology Review

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